French Interior Design Tips To Live By

French Interior Design Tips To Live By

What can be so attractive and classy than a French interior design at home? The French interiors undoubtedly look beautiful. Well, it has its own style. They can effortlessly create a unique style by mixing elegance and flamboyance. It has the bold and chic look and also entirely personal and original.


Here are a few French Interior design rules for you to decorate your home in the French style. Moreover, if you are looking to buy home essentials, you can use the Home Direct 365 coupon code and enjoy exciting deals and discounts.

Tribute to the history


As we know, the French have a remarkable history concerning their culture, country, and people. French taste speaks a lot as it honours the legacy of their past. Therefore, French believes that adding something vintage or contemporary in home interiors could reflect history. It will definitely give an outstanding décor, and it will add a character.


Mix your materials


Mixing materials while adding both new and old can give an excellent design to your home interiors. French people love to mix things as the design could provide a contemporary as well as a vintage look. For e.g., it can be boring to have a traditional dining table in all wood without any metal touch on it. 


Bold patterns


French interior designers are not afraid to give a bold look or using a bold colour. Therefore, they add a stroke of colour or pattern that will provide a confident look to the room. They are flexible with colour selection based on client’s personality.


Curves and angles


French interiors designs are all about sexy curves and accent angles for coffee or cocktail tables. The French interior has a class and design, which gives an elegant look. These are maintained so beautifully that the curves won’t harm small toddlers or children around the house. Besides, these curves and angles are right for beverage or book tables. 


Don’t follow trends always.


In French interior design, they don’t believe in trends. Well, we know trends come and go, but classics stay. French people believe in ‘old is gold’ concept. Each generation has contributed to the modern era of the home, but if you see the house remain the same only, the interiors are changed. Trends do not stay but keeping it elegant and sophisticated will last longer.


Window Curtains


Large window curtains are totally a French style. Drapes ranging from floor to ceiling add a class to any décor. It also makes space look bigger than its actual size.


So, here the tips and tricks that you can employ to give a French touch to your home interiors.